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Hoath Parish Plan

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Download our Parish Plan (PDF, 3.2Mb) 

What is a Parish Plan?

A “parish plan” is the name given to the document which will set out the vision for our community.  Since our first parish plan public meeting in the village hall last October, which over 100 residents attended, we have had a chance to get together at such events as the Photographic History of Hoath coffee morning and the Rogation Sunday walk.  We have also seen some of the fruits of the plan, such as the model village prepared by the school children of Hoath primary school, the new village logo, the Welcome Pack and the soon to be launched community website and local business directory.

Our parish plan is based on information gathered through survey, research, consultation and community participation.  All residents will receive a questionnare during the summer, giving us all a chance to have our say.  The plan will incorporate the results of the questionnaire setting out our community’s vision for how the Hoath community wants to develop.  The plan will identify the actions needed to achieve our vision, and also which groups need to address them, such as the parish council, community groups, certain individuals, service providers and other statutory bodies.  Hoath’s Parish Plan has the opportunity to influence a wide range of organisations, such as grant providers and local government.  So please get involved.  Fill in your questionnaire and use the website to access local information and take part in our community.

logosmallAs an integral part of Hoath Parish Plan, the steering committee invited pupils from Hoath Primary school to design a logo of the village, using key images which came to mind when they thought of Hoath. We were delighted to see over 20 entries which were democratically judged at the Open Coffee Morning in March of this year. The key images were the church, the school, the surrounding countryside and farming. The winning entry, with a large proportion of the votes, came from Ben Lawson, aged 9. The logo features on the village website and will also form part of our village identity going forward. Ben has kept hold of the original drawing, nicely framed for him as a thank you gift. Well done Ben!
Parish Questionaire (Doc, 149Kb)
Welcome Pack (PDF, 1.9Mb)
Download our Parish Plan (PDF, 3.2Mb)